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Hitman Absolution -PlayStation 3

Hitman Absolution -PlayStation 3

  • $ 9.00

  • Play as Agent 47with use of stealth and deception
  • Instict Mode- See through the eyes of a trained assassin.
  • Powered by new proprietary Glacier 2 technology
  • Dive into the rich, cinematic storyline, stunning art direction and cutting-edge game and sound design with Glacier 2 technology
  • Take advantage of a vast array of disguises that allow you to impersonate your victims and blend into the world while simultaneously providing new actions, options — and the element of surprise
  • Slip on the gloves and put on the iconic suit of Agent 47 in his most dangerous contract job yet
  • Fight for redemption in a corrupt and twisted world while being hunted by the police after being betrayed by the Agency
  • Experience fully evolved game mechanics and a developed AI system that responds to your every tactic, whether you choose to stalk your targets from the shadows or rush in guns blazing
  • See the world as a highly trained agent with Instinct mode, which lets you predict enemy patrols, identify weapons and escape routes and engage in Point-Shooting that utilizes your expert marksmanship to eliminate targets efficiently
  • Immerse yourself in a world that springs to life through a memorable and well-rounded cast of characters

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