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Wreck it Ralph - Nintendo WII

Wreck it Ralph - Nintendo WII

  • $ 29.00

  • On the Fly Swappable Characters: Use Wreck-It Ralph's brawn to destroy obstacles or Fix-It-Felix's magical hammer to repair them!
  • Unique Environments: Venture through four distinct backdrops based on the featured film; from Sugar Rush to Hero's Duty, every world is unique but equally action-packed and fun!
  • Bragging Rights: Find and accumulate collectibles like Hero Medals and Easter Eggs that you can display in your trophy collection!
  • Fun That Never Ends: Beat the game! No problem! Play it again and discover more challenging levels under a new set of rules!
  • Bonus Mode: Play the never-before-seen 8 bit Fix-It-Felix Jr. arcade game that provided inspiration for the entire movie!

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